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What about a Bulldog?

Posted on 23 March, 2015 at 4:55

Breed Information


British Bulldogs are thick set, low in stature, broad, powerful and compact. Sporting a face that only a mother could love the British Bulldog remains one of the most recognized dogs in the world today. The British Bulldog has been a favourite part of British history for many years. The history of the Bulldog branches back to the days of bull-baiting in Britain until the so called sport was banned in 1835. Paintings of very modern looking British Bulldogs date back to the 17th century. It is more famous in recent years as the wartime doggy companion to Winston Churchill.

British Bulldogs are recognised as the most difficult breed of dogs to reproduce, which means that British Bulldog puppies are not always available. They are an expensive breed of dog to buy, but will reward you with many years of loyalty, love and companionship.


The British Bulldog is extremely well muscled so can weigh up to 30kg despite their compact size. Ideally the females should weigh around 25kg and stand 30cm tall, while the male should weigh up to 30kg and stand at 38cm tall.


British Bulldogs have a short, smooth and reasonably soft coat that is either a whole colour or “smut” which is a whole colour with a black mask or muzzle. Whole colours include reds, brindles, fawns, white and also pied (a combination of white with any of the mentioned colours).


A first impression will suggest a heavy, strong and determined appearance, but British Bulldogs are in fact extremely gentle and affectionate. This breed is patient, good natured and tolerant of children. As a breed the British Bulldogs are exceptionally loyal to their owners.

If you’re looking for a watchdog you will find the British Bulldog is ideal, entirely due to their appearance however, rather than their temperament. Intruders are bound to think twice at the sight of the British Bulldog’s burly figure in the shadows, little do they know their impending punishment is death by licks!


British Bulldogs are in fact a high maintenance breed, but well worth the effort. This breed requires special attention to both grooming and exercise. As a daily routine you must clean the folds of skin on your Bulldog’s face to remove any dirt or moisture, preventing irritation or infection to the skin. This is a very simple process and can be done with a wipe across the face using a face-washer or cloth, but must be done everyday. You may also apply Vaseline in the wrinkles to prevent any moisture build up. The entire coat can also be wiped down quickly each day The British Bulldog has an average life span of 10 yrs


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